Annual Sports Day – ENTHUSIA ’22 Opening Ceremony was held in the school sports arena

The most awaited event of the year- ANNUAL SPORTS DAY -ENTHUSIA ’22 Opening Ceremony was held in the school sports arena.
The mega event brought the talents of students to heights and charged everyone with a positive spirit.
The grand opening ceremony commenced with the arrival of the highly distinguished chief guest, Mr. Surender Bishnoi – DSO( DISTRICT SPORTS OFFICER), who’s a National Champion and District Sports Team coach & Guest of Honour Miss Chitra Badlani
Principal of Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Lalgarh,Sri Ganganagar- a versatile personality who’s a dancer, a renowned badminton player and the author of the book Microeconomics(NCERT) in the year 1999, accompanied by Rev. Fr. Varghese CST, Manager SHCS, Rev. Fr. Shibin CST, Manager, Little Flower School, Kesrisinghpur, Rev. Sr. Phincy SABS, Principal SHCS.
Rev. Fr. Varghese CST cordially welcomed the dignitaries, parents, staff and students followed by the band display which was crafted meticulously.
The FLAG HOISTING was done by the Chief Guest followed by the declaration of SPORTS MEET OPEN.
THE TORCH symbolizes unity and the real spirit of the day. It was lit by the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour.
The march past display by the four houses was the one of the most spectacular events of the day which was meticulously planned and perfectly synchronized.It was followed by THE OATH TAKING CEREMONY which was led by Rev. Sr. Phincy SABS, Principal, SHCS.
Both the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour inspired the audience by their insightful words.
The Opening Ceremony of ENTHUSIA-’22 came to end by vote of thanks by the Principal.
The students participated in a wide array of energetic and bouncy track events in which their real mettle, strength and true spirit of competition were exhibited.
The winners were awarded with medals and certificates.
Many parents turned up and they were enthused to see their children
participating in various items.
The day was a big success. All and sundry contributed their bit to make the day victorious. Wreathed with smiles, everyone returned home.
May the saga of success continue

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