An annual Science Exhibition was held in the premises of Sacred Heart Convent School

With a sole motive of igniting the young minds with a flame of cumulative curiosity, an annual Science Exhibition was held in the premises of SACRED HEART CONVENT SCHOOL.
The TECHNO FAIR was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Mr.Raja Sharma,
Principal of Army Public School
Sadhuwali Cantt. Sri Ganganagar. The fact that he was one of the members of the first batch of SHCS, added more flavour and colour to today’s event.
The chief guest along with Rev. Fr. Varghese CST, Manager SHCS, Rev. Fr. Shibin CST, Manager, Little Flower School, Kesrisinghpur, Rev. Sr. Phincy SABS, Principal SHCS kindled the lamp beseeching blessings from Almighty.
Mr. Raja Sharma encouraged the students by his words, highlighting the importance of knowing the right use of technology. He also expressed his reverence and gratitude to his alma mater.
The chief guest inaugurated the
Techno Fair by releasing artificial lava through LAVA LAMP ACTIVITY , using various chemicals.
The fiesta witnessed the active participation of many enthusiasts with a plethora of creative projects such as Agriculture in the past and future, Accident safety devices, Rain water harvesting,
Earthquake detector, Hologram, The Big Bang Theory, Smart bridge(based on a recent Gujrat bridge accident) delving into the depth of science and technology.
The Techno Fair gave all the participants a platform to showcase their invincible knowledge in science in the most effective and innovative way.
The Chief Guest was presented the memento by the Manager of the school.
It was indeed a very insightful and engrossing learning experience for everyone.
We extend our immense gratitude to all the teachers who worked behind the curtain, burning the midnight oil to make the extra mile effort to bring out the best in each student.Without their guidance and support, Techno Fair wouldn’t have achieved the desired result.
Also, WE WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS OUR HEARTFELT THANKS TO ALL THE PARENTS for their unshakeable support to all our undertakings and the special bond they share with us.
Without your cooperation, our success is never completed.
SHCS always promotes group learning through experiments.It allows students to work together in groups and learn from each other. They share their ideas and collectively galvanize those ideas to bring something innovative into implementation.
Congratulations to all participants for their unceasing spirit and enthusiasm.
May your curiosity always remain ignited!

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