Teachers’ Day celebration


Teachers’ Day celebration was held at SACRED HEART SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL by the students with great zeal and zest to express their gratitude for the immense contribution put forth by their teachers.
The celebration at Kindergarten school was more of a kinda as the tiny tots expressed their feelings for their teachers in the most purest form.

The senior level celebration started with a short yet fervent prayer seeking divine blessings led by Rev. Sr. Principal followed by a prayer dance by class XI girls.

The celebration was wrapped up with an array of fantabulous programmes like songs, speech, games, skit and dances.
Rev. Fr. Varghese CST, the manager of the school wished and appreciated the teachers for their hard work and commitment.

” The responsibility of teachers is not only to educate the students but also to instill values in them and inspire them by being a role model for them”- he added in his speech.

A short skit based on the life of Hellen Keller added further charm to the event.
The audience was enraptured when the dancers set fire on the stage by their dynamic and vibrant folk dances of ‘giddha’ and ‘bhangra’.
The whole programme was meticulously planned by the students with the help of programme co- ordinators. The celebration came to an end by National Anthem.
There was a special gathering for teachers after the departure of the students. The short convene was filled with laughter and enjoyment with many enticing and alluring events and games.
Each of the faculties was given a gift by the management as a token of gratitude for their uphill battle which they are being shouldered.
The get together came to an end by a luscious and piquant luncheon from the management.

May the teachers ever remain as great mentors and stand for the last, least and for the lost.

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