A quantum leap in CBSE, 2020 Examination.

The eponymous heros made a giant leap……
A quantum leap in CBSE, 2020 Examination.
Appreciations and acclamations to our students who infallibly waded through even in their dire straits to keep the legacy up.
Hearty congratulations to
Bhumika Aggarwal for making a stupendous achievement with 97.4%
Equal appreciations to
Abhilaksh Midha – 97%
Priyanka Garg – 96.6%
Palak Chugh – 96.2%
Anam Jain – 95.2%
Kshitiz Khetan – 95%
Mohit Yadav – 95%
Kartik Garg – 95%
We extend our compliments to each and every students who made the land slide victory with 100% result.
The exemplary performance of the students in Board Exams brought much joy in the chaotic and uncertain times of a global pandemic.
The credit equally goes to the Management and Principal for their unswerving back up and assistance, the dedication and commitment of the staff.
May our children soar far and high!

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