Feast Day of our esteemed Manager, Rev. Fr. Varghese CST

A splendid function was held at Sacred Heart Convent School, Sri Ganganagar, to celebrate the Feast Day of our esteemed Manager, Rev. Fr. Varghese CST commemorating his Patron Saint -Saint George.
The celebration of Father Manager’s feast day in both Kindergarten and Senior Secondary school was filled with immense enthusiasm, as the little children’s diverse programs added beauty and color to the event, each performance of the little champs highlighted as a heartwarming display of their innocence and affection towards their beloved Father Manager.
The grand occasion commenced with a warm welcome, when the school band ushered our Manager to the stage, accompanied by Rev. Fr. Jobin, Rev. Sr.Phincy, the Principal, and Rev.Sr. Tresa, Principal, Kindergarten. The atmosphere was infused with reverence and joy as a soulful prayer dance set the tone, followed by Rev.Sr. Principal extending her heartfelt greetings to Rev. Fr. Manager.
In a gesture of appreciation, Rev. Fr. Jobin and Rev.Principals along with staff representatives presented a bouquet to Father Manager, followed by a ceremonial cake cutting. The event showcased a plethora of performances by students, each resonating with their love and admiration for their beloved Manager. It was a moment when Rev. Fr. Jobin, with sincerity and warmth, extended his words to express greetings in a profound sense of love and appreciation to Rev. Fr. Manager highlighting the indispensable role Rev. Fr. Manager plays within the school and community. Indeed, Rev. Fr. Manager is more than just a figurehead; he is the cornerstone upon which our institution stands, the guiding light that leads us through both challenges and triumphs.
Overwhelming excitement and thunderous applause filled the air as students appeared on stage donned costumes resembling Rev. Fr. Manager and Rev. Sr. Principal, presenting a captivating dance drama.
In his speech, Rev. Fr.Father Manager eloquently conveyed that Saint George lived his life as an example for others, this is what the Great soul Mahatma Gandhi also upheld saying ‘ My life is my message.’ Embracing this sentiment, let us also accept the inspiration to make our lives a model for others, spreading the message that our life itself is the message we convey to the world. That’s what I’d like to say on this day – he concluded.
The jubilant mood came to an end with the rendition of the National Anthem.
The festivities continued after the regular school hours as the staff organized a special program to convey their gratitude and love to their beloved Rev. Fr. Manager. Amidst joyous songs, heartfelt speeches, energetic dances, and engaging games, Father Manager was felicitated with a bouquet followed by a cake-cutting ceremony.
Father Manager graciously extended his thanks to everyone acknowledging their contributions to the success of the program. As the festivities drew to a close, the management graciously hosted a lavish luncheon, further enhancing the celebratory ambiance.
As participants bid farewell, they carried with them not just the memories of the day’s festivities but also the enduring spirit of unity and celebration.
May Rev. Fr. Manager be blessed with abundant luck and fortunes, forever guided by the divine light of Fivinity!