News Paper Documentation – A New Venture.

News Paper Documentation – A New Venture.
Challenging the Notion of Confined Classroom teaching by instilling knowledge beyond text books.
Valuing range of intellectual capacities of the students, Sacred Heart Convent School organizes a wide spectrum of activities throughout the academic session.
News Paper Documentation was such an activity through which students connected themselves with the outer world. We took this initiative not only to widen their knowledge but also to reconnect them with the printed media knowing that the printed media is getting shadowed by the digital media.
“We weren’t documenting papers but life….” The students said with extreme excitement.
Students were divided into different groups and each group was given newspapers like The Telegraph, The Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Tribune etc. and then they were asked to mark different topics like politics,women issues, sports, entertainment, crime etc…For example, a group assigned with politics has to identify relevant political news stories from the given news papers and mark it. Later they would cut it and collect all political news items into a file. They delved into a world which otherwise would never have been noticed. All the participants were exhilarated and thrilled since NDP was a new conceptual activity for them.
“This activity engaged us fully, stimulated our creativity and enhanced our reading skills” – said one of the group members.
The lush green ambience of the activity room complimented and stimulated the spirit and energy level of the students.
We congratulate both the teachers and the students for undertaking unique ventures to enhance knowledge.
May your spirit know no boundaries.