Rejuvenating Spirit- A day-long journey

Having taken a break from the bustling routines of academics, the teachers of Sacred Heart Convent School, SRI GANGANAGAR were treated with a rejuvenating spirit- a day-long journey, in which they found themselves lost in the enchanting allure of Thalwandi Wonderland, Punjab, where laughter and mirth met with lots of humour and enthusiasm. As the day unfolded, they ventured to the Firozpur border, beholding the awe-inspiring spectacle of the India-Pakistan Army retreat, a poignant reminder of shared histories and aspirations for peace and freedom.
Surrounded by such splendor, our mundane worries melted away as the regular classroom regime was replaced by a sense of companionship and wonder.
Our little yet limitless enjoyment spoke volumes about the kind gestures of the management. Kudos to Rev. Fr. Varghese, the Manager, Rev. Sr. Phincy the Principal, our great supportor, and mentor for having arranged the wonderful getaway. It was made possible solely by the tireless efforts of our Manager, who gracefully involved himself from conception to execution, to ensure its success.
With hearts brimming with gratitude, we extend our sincerest thanks to the management for this ever-cherishable ‘Fun Day Out